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Jeff Lewis
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Tennis Player Development
Jeff Lewis

USTA’s ROGY Mandate – My Opinion

What a great tool low compression balls are! I use them frequently in my classes. Not only with juniors but also with adults first starting out in tennis. Anything to weaken the barrier of entry into a very

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Tennis Management
Jeff Lewis

Tennis Professional Expectations

What is the role of a coach? To give knowledge. To encourage effort. To assist in forming pathways for goal acquisition. To be a positive role model. Being a tennis coach means being a mentor and an example,

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Tennis Business
Jeff Lewis

Adult Beginner Tennis Initiatives

It seems as though tennis programs have become complacent. Relying on the trading and moving around of existing tennis players for business and participation. Governing bodies have created great programs and systems to introduce people to the sport

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serena williams backhand
tennis science
Jeff Lewis

Kinetics Vs Kinematics

Understanding the difference between Kinetics and Kinematics is important to understanding some of the obstacles facing tennis coaches and players. Kinetics are forces being exerted while kinematics are resulting movements that happen as a result of those forces.

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